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Ian is a Colorado-born artist, growing up in the Denver area and now settled in the mountains just outside of Estes Park. Ian is the owner of Driftwood Tattoo, has been tattooing since early 2018, and tattooing in the Estes Park area since 2020. He specializes in larger scale tattoos, with his favorite subject matter being all types of geometry, floral/botanical designs, almost anything nature related, and more. Outside of work Ian spends a lot of his time working as a volunteer firefighter with Glen Haven Fire Department, and also loves skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcycles, and various other noisy and dirty activities.


Contact Information

Ian does all of his booking through his personal website, where he has very detailed booking information, pricing, FAQ's, etc. Currently Ian is usually only booking full day and multi-day large scale projects, and is typically booked up about 3 months in advance year-round. To send an inquiry to him, please click the link to the right to go to his personal website. Thanks!

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